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PathfinderPC License Creation and Support


Technical Support:

Email support (at) AxiaAudio (dot) com




Please find links to the PathFinderPC software developed by Axia (A Telos Company) and Software Authority, Inc.

The software will run in demo mode with certain restrictions listed in the help document which is installed with the software. 

To gain full use of the software, please contact Axia (A Telos Company) to purchase a license.


New Release Candidate 5.00 RC1.

See Beta Versions link below:


Version 4.60

Pathfinder 4.60 Installer ISO CD Rom Image


PathfinderPC Server 4.60 Release

PathfinderPC Client 4.60 Release

PathfinderPC Mini 4.60 Release

Panel Designer 4.60 Release

SA_AudioPlay 1.02

VMIXControl Version 1.06 (Requires PathfinderPro/Legacy License)

SAPortRouter Version 1.08 (Requires PathfinderPro/Legacy License)


(Do not install Panel Designer on Server as the Server Installer already installs this application)


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